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Samsung 4K UHD Displays Basic
Upgrade your business with efficient digital displays

Samsung’s 4K UHD digital signage rises above the rest to deliver best-in-class UHD resolution, intelligent UHD upscaling and rich flawless colors with Dynamic Crystal Color—all in a slim design. Our 4K UHD displays not only deliver an image with virtually flawless clarity but are also designed to maintain their exceptional picture quality even when exposed to direct sunlight. The embedded media player allows for easy content management and playback without the need for a PC. So you can deliver impossible-to-ignore messages around the clock in retail spaces, corporate boardrooms and more.

4K Ultra HD

4K UHD resolution delivers lifelike image quality with 4x more pixels than Full HD. Super-crisp, pixel-dense UHD content amplifies even the smallest visual details for a more immersive picture.

Dynamic Crystal Color

Using 10-bit processing, the displays are able to showcase a wider spectrum of colors—up to a billion different shades—capturing subtle differences for virtually flawless color expression.

Intelligent UHD Upscaling

A cutting-edge solution based on Samsung’s proprietary intelligent UHD engine that allows content developed at a lower resolution to be elevated to UHD-level quality and performs edge restoration and noise reduction.

HDR 10+

Samsung’s QMR and QBR Series feature HDR 10+ functionality that converts standard definition (SDR) content to HDR quality for sharper contrast and more vivid colors.

QET Series

QET Series

Direct-Lit 4K UHD LED Display for Business

  • Brightness: 300 nit
  • Resolution: 3840 x 2160 (UHD)
  • Contrast Ratio: 4000:1